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A little ice goes a long way!A simple way to maintain your garbage disposal!

Dear friends,

We have encountered many cases of clogged kitchen sinks due to improper use of garbage disposal.

what can not be put into garbage disposal?
1 Egg shell
2 Coarse fiber crusty fruit shell, such as orange peel, grapefruit peel, corn coat
3 Rice, starch and various products, such as leftover rice, macaroni, noodles
4 Grease and dirty dirt, such as hot pot base
5 Plastic, such as plastic bags, tableware
6 Metal, such as iron, aluminum, wire dish washing ball
7 Bones, glass and other hard objects

These above things will hurt the disposal and block it. So never put these things into it.

The egg shell is the first thing can not be put into the disposal. I have done many such cases, the small drain machine passed smoothly, but the kitchen drain was still blocked, I found it was not caused by grease, but a lot of egg shells. Finally , I cleared it with the mini jetter. The egg shell is easily attached to the wall of the pipe, and it is not easy to be washed away by water, and over time, the sewer is blocked.

Some friends say that they simply use as little garbage disposal as possible, so that there will be no problems. This is actually a mistake. The walls of plumbing systems are prone to grease buildup, especially kitchen pipes, which require ground food scraps made by garbage disposal to rub, just as our gut requires crude fibers.

This video shows us how to maintain the garbage disposal in a very simple way. Regularly add the right amount of ice into the disposal and run it, ice can remove the dirt deposited inside the disposal, sharpen the blade of the disposal, and wash the grease of the sewer wall.You can follow this method to regularly clean and maintain garbage disposal every 2-4 weeks.

观看这个视频 ,用小冰块派大用处。每2到4周,用最简单的方法来维护你的厨房垃圾处理器,安心无忧!

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