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Are you prepared for the low temperature this week?

The temperature in Charlotte will be very low this week. Please check the following list to see if the winterization in your home is ready. If you have rental houses, let the tenants check them too. Take some time to check to avoid big losses, and then enjoy the sunshine!

1. Has the outdoor spigot been disconnected with garden hose?
2. Has the outdoor spigot been covered with a Polar cap or a faucet sock?
3. Have all water timers been brought into the house?
4. Has the backflow preventor’s inlet valve been closed? Have you done these things including half open outlet valve, half open test cock 2, 3, 4, and empty the water in the backflow?
5. Has the backflow water pipe been wrapped with insulation?
6. Is the backflow protective cover in good condition? If there are holes, have they been repaired and plugged?
7. Has the water pipes in the garage been wrapped with insulation?
8. Do you know the location of the main shutoff valve? In case the pipe freezes and bursts, make sure you can shut off the water valve immediately.
9. If you cannot find the main water valve, do you know the location of the water meter and have a water meter key?
10. Are the doors and Windows of crawl space closed properly?


  1. 室外水龙头是否已经把连接的水管拧下?
  2. 室外水龙头是否已经套上保温罩或者保温套?
  3. 各种浇灌计时器是否已经拿入室内?
  4. Backflow是否已经关掉入口阀?半开出口阀、半开检测阀2、3、4,将backflow中的水放空?
  5. Backflow水管是否已用保温材料包扎好?
  6. Backflow保护罩是否完好?如有破洞,是否已经修补堵塞好?
  7. 车库水管是否已用保温材料包扎好?
  8. 自己是否知道main shutoff valve的位置?万一水管冻裂爆掉,确保自己能在第一时间切断水阀。
  9. 如果找不到总水阀,自己是否知道水表的位置,并且备有water meter key ?
  10. crawlspace 门窗是否已关好?
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