John H.

Had a leak from a toilet tank bolt on the 2nd story whi… 继续阅读John H.

Had a leak from a toilet tank bolt on the 2nd story which I thought I had fixed but the ceiling below continued to leak for several days. Called Happi to come have a look – Helen from their office was professional, prompt, and courteous – and even moved the schedule up since there was a potential leak ongoing. Brian arrived and thoroughly inspected the 1st and 2nd floors and even went to the attic to look for leaks. He then took the time to show me a video of a prior call demonstrating how much water can make it’s way down a floor from such a small leak on the second floor. He also did a few checks on the water meter to make sure there wasn’t even a tiny amount of water leaking/being used. Last he recommended a contractor for restoration and provided contact information. Very professional and thorough young man. The price was fair and I will absolutely call Happi again with future plumbing needs.

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